BioWare Talks About The Old Republic\’s Pre-Orders (and More)


BioWare’s Daniel Erickson has given an interview to where he talks about all sorts of things relating to the game. In addition to addressing that joke at Comic Con about the game lasting decades, he goes on to talk about the worry they have about the game being successful:

Q: Does the fact that you’ve broken EA pre-order records alleviate the worry over whether the game will be successful?

DE: At least for myself, nothing short of shipping and actually being successful will alleviate that worry. I’ve watched this game grow since before day one and as with any creative project you pour your heart into, the mix of anticipation and fear is huge. We’ll relax after the game is out, running beautifully and our fans are having a blast.

For more of the interview, including companion deaths and the MMO subscription model, check out the full interview here.