Gallery: San Diego Comic Con 2011


The San Diego Comic Con has come to a close for yet another year. While the big Hollywood presence in the form of movies was a bit less than last year, there were still some big movie reveals and huge television panels. Highlights included Steven Spielberg showing up, and Peter Jackson surprising the crowd (along with Andy Serkis), in the Tin-Tin panel. Sony impressed everyone with a very dark and R-rated Ghost Rider, the Total Recall remake doesn’t look bad at all, and The Amazing Spider-Man looks to be the best screen adaptation of Spidey yet.

One of the big draws of Comic Con is the massive Exhibit Hall. All the panels take place upstairs, while under them is a magical wonderland filled with swag, cosplay, and the fragrance of fanboy filling the air. While at the Con I walked around snapping pictures from the floor. I grabbed some of the cooler booths, but even better I spotted many celebrities which you’ll be able to check out in the gallery below.