San Diego Comic Con 2011: Live at The Old Republic Panel


We’re at the San Diego Comic Con and are sitting in the Star Wars: The Old Republic panel and waiting for it to begin. Keep an eye on this post as we update it in real time with everything announced at the panel:

3:37 – The room is packed to the gills with people. There is no more room for anyone else. It should start soon.

3:38 – Panel kicks off with the intro cinematic.

3:41 – Dallas from BioWare takes the podium and begins an introduction to the panel.

3:42 – Panel being introduced.

3:43 – Sith Warrior opening crawl and intro shown.

3:45 – General game background for noobs.

3:46 – Recapping the CG trailers.

3:48 – Showing Jedi Knight gameplay showing a light/dark side choice.

3:51 – Bragging about how it’s the first fully voiced MMO. EQ2 doesn’t exist in this panel.

3:53 – Voice acting video being shown highlighting the actors.

3:55 – A couple of voice actresses arrive for the Q&A later.

3:56 – Rich Vogel takes the podium to talk about exploration.

3:59 – Speeder bikes, Swoops, and Land Speeders shown off. They’re for high level players.

4:01 – Talking about Companion Characters.

4:05 – Q&A starting:

How many actors and actresses doing voices? Over 900 and it’s still growing. They’ve been recording for over two years.

How does story progression affect party members? There are multiplayer conversations. Compared to old school D&D with players arguing over who is heard by a NPC.

How do they protect a player who wants to be light side from dark decisions in party conversations? It’s based on your choice and intention.

How much have the movies influenced the armor Dumb question, just look at the screenshots (not their answer)

How many planets are in the game? 19 main worlds.

Can you keep the appearance of low level armor even at high levels? Your Trooper will look like a Trooper and your Bounty Hunter will look like a Bounty Hunter.

Just raids at the endgame? Or is there any solo or small group content. There is an entire planet devoted to the endgame with solo content.

How much pressure are you under after Galaxies sucked? A lot.

Are there ship travel shortcuts? It’s a pretty short hyperspace jump from system to system.

That’s it for the Q&A.

New in-game trailer being shown!

Pre-order details being given.

Everyone at the Con gets a pre-order code. Not a free game unfortunately.

That’s it for the panel.