The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Description


After both The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises saw their trailers leak online in advance, the only big superhero movie at this year’s Comic Con left was The Amazing Spider-Man. That changed this morning when the trailer leaked online. Good luck finding a copy on Youtube, as they are naturally pulling every link down, but we saw the trailer and as with The Avengers; here’s the full rundown on what you’ll see if you’re at Comic Con this weekend:

  • The trailer opens with Peter Parker’s parents leaving and telling him that they have to go do something and he’ll be living with his aunt and uncle.
  • Young Peter looks in a mirror and then the image switches to Andrew Garfield.
  • Shots of Peter at school and having dinner with Gwen and her family.
  • Peter finds a bag and Uncle Ben says it was his dad’s.
  • Peter goes to the city to a large building that is some kind of lab where Gwen is working.
  • Doctor Connors is there.
  • While looking at a round machine in the lab that’s glowing blue, a spider descends to Peter’s neck.
  • Peter is looking in a mirror while he pulls some kind of strand (a web?) out of the bite on the back of his neck.
  • Shots of Peter running in an alley and quickly hopping up the walls.
  • Aunt May asks him what’s going on.
  • Quick shots as Doctor Connors asks, “Ready to play God?”
  • Very quick shot of Peter sitting in costume (no mask) with is back to the camera.
  • The end of the trailer is a first-person sequence of Spider-Man running along rooftops and then swinging to a window (you can see the mechanical shooters) as Parker says, “We all have secrets. The ones we keep, and the ones that are kept from us.”

Overall, it’s nearly an insulting Spider-Man trailer. The whole subplot with Peter’s parents and the big secret why they left him is completely unneeded. The movie was looking promising…until details of the plot have been revealed. Please Sony, give up the rights to Spider-Man to Marvel Studios so we can get a real Spider-Man movie.