Is This the Old Republic Box Art?


Comic Con is coming up in just a couple days, and BioWare is expected to make a big announcement regarding The Old Republic there. The release date will not be announced at this show, as that is most likely being saved for PAX Prime at the end of August; which is closer to the projected October release. What may be announced at the show this week is the pre-order and Collector’s Edition details, and today a possible box art for the game has surfaced. It looks pretty legit.

The box has all the normal pre-order details you’d expect from one of those empty cardboard promo boxes you’d see at Best Buy. It also mentions that if you pre-order you’ll receive headstart access to the game (common with MMOs these days), and a stone to change the color of your weapon effect.

We’ll have to wait until Comic Con this week to see if this is real, but the art definitely fits with the Knights of the Old Republic theme.