Dark Tower Film/TV Series Falls Apart!


The new Comcast-owned NBC has pulled out of Ron Howard’s adaptation of The Dark Tower. Stephen King’s Magnum Opus- spanning seven magnificent novels (with an 8th on the way), a short story and a Marvel series- was to be turned into three films with two mini-series bridging films 2 & 3, has been deemed too expensive.  Back in May production on the first film was postponed from this summer to next February, which is still a possibility if Howard and Imagine Entertainment can find another company to back this unique take on presenting the story of Roland of Gilead.

Javier Bardem was cast as Roland Deschain, the last in the ancient line of Gunslingers, on a century-spanning quest to reach the Dark Tower that stands at the center of all Time & Space.  Bardem is a bold and potentially brilliant choice for the role though I have little faith in Howard and even less in Goldsman (his best films have only been “good” because of key directors and cast) so this is a mixed bag.  As more news comes we will keep you updated.