And Now…Fili and Kili


So we’ve seen Nori, Dori, and Ori and both Oin and Glion; now MSN has revealed two more dwarves from The Hobbit. No, we don’t get Thorin yet, but today we get to see Fili and Kili.

The image makes it obvious that Jackson and crew are departing from the book’s description of the dwarves; if only to make them easier to tell apart. The whole cloak coloring that the book specifically mentioned is gone (or hasn’t been seen yet) and both Fili and Kili should have blonde hair. Still, the weapon designs and the looks of the dwarves are awesome; so our faith in Jackson hasn’t been shattered.

Even though there’s just about two months of filming done on the movie, an announcement trailer is rumored to show up on Harry Potter this weekend.