5 Toys The Fanboy In You Will Want To Collect


I love the time of year right before the San Diego Comic Con, it is typically when the big toy manufactures bring out the the latest and greatest in toys and collectibles. I, being a child of the 80s, could not be more thrilled with some of the upcoming releases this year. It is awesome when my favorite toys as a child are re-released or re-released and improved. Here is my list of the top five toys a lot of Fanboys are looking forward to.


Coming back for the 4th quarter of 2011, its Devastator! Encore is bringing back the Constructicons in one nice giftset. When I was a kid, I only had Hook, Long Haul, and Mixmaster. It is really hard to unleash Devastator on the Autobots with one leg and a torso.



X-Force 3 Pack

The new X-force comic is my favorite X-Title going right now and I am a long time Deadpool fan. I think this 3 pack has hit the stores now, but I have yet to find one. The only thing that could have made this one cooler would be to replace Warpath with Fantomex.

Masterpiece Rodimus

In my opion, the Masterpiece line is the coolest Transformers line ever! My Masterpiece Prime is one of my favorite things in my collection. Rodimus looks great so he will be a purchase soon.


TRU Lion-O

Thundercats Hooooo! With a new animated series on the way, Toys-R-Us is bring back the old school Lion-O. This time he is much more detailed and sports 18 points of articulation.


2011 Skystriker


This is the one that every GI-Joes fanboy has been begging for, for years. Thank you Hasbro for finally listening. I will no doubt pick up a couple of the regular Skystrikers. I am hoping I will get the opportunity to snag one of the SDCC Starscream paint ones!