10 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives You Must Own


Every year at the San Diego Comic Con, the big attraction isn’t really the panels. As you walk around the show floor you’ll see people standing in eternal lines. Most of the time these lines aren’t for autographs, instead the people are standing in line to buy one of the hundreds of exclusives that companies produce only for the con. And 2011 has some seriously awesome ones that may make your geek brain short circuit.

Cobra Commander & Starscream

How cool is this. You get a G.I. Joe jet made to look exactly like Starscream and a Cobra Commander pilot figure. Even cooler? The gun that Cobra Commander is holding is Megatron! Now you can finally fulfill the geek fantasy of having Chris Latta argue with himself.

Revenge of the Jedi Collection

Fourteen Star Wars figures with two exclusive mini-figures? Yea, the line for this will be pretty long. The figures in the set are Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Admiral Ackbar, Luke Skywalker (Endor Captive), R2-D2 (with Pop-Up Lightsaber), Endor Rebel Commando, Wicket, Stormtrooper, Han Solo (Trench Coat), B-Wing Pilot Keyan Farlander, Leia Organa (Slave Outfit), and TIE Fighter Pilot. The two mini-figures are Salacious Crumb and a Mouse Droid.

Republic Commando Set

If you’re unable to snag one of the Revenge of the Jedi sets, maybe you can get this one. It includes all of Delta Squad and one Geonosian. Maybe if enough people show up in line for this one Lucasarts will finally give us a sequel to the game.

DC Direct’s Zoom

Very soon DC Direct will release a line of Flashpoint figures that will include Flash, Batman (Thomas Wayne), Wonder Woman, and Cyborg. But to complete the set you’ll need the Reverse Flash, aka Zoom. This DC Direct figure will be pretty popular, but it comes at a price. Even though it’s at the same scale of the rest of the DC Direct action figure line, Zoom will set you back about $35 at the show.

Mattel’s Kilowog

If you want a Kilowog that’s in scale with the large “Movie Masters” Green Lantern figures, the only place to get one is at Comic Con this month. The 12″ Kilowog is a convention exclusive, which does kind of suck for anyone collecting the larger Green Lantern figures as the only way to complete their Lantern Corps is with this figure.

The Back to the Future DeLorean

You can’t tell it from the picture, but inside that replica of the plutonium case from the first Back to the Future is a die-cast DeLorean that’s about a foot long. And it’s only going to cost $35. Word is that it’s also insanely detailed, which makes this one of the best deals at the Con for a seriously awesome collectible.

Rodimus Prime Masterpiece Edition

You know, I really hated Hot Rod in the original Transformers movie. But as soon as he picked up the Matrix of Leadership and Stan Bush confirmed that he had The Touch, Rodimus Prime became pretty awesome. In the tradition of the previous Masterpiece Edition Transformers, this one is just as detailed as you’d expect and he does include the Matrix.

Ultimate Optimus Prime

One of my favorite parts of Transformers: Dark of the Moon was seeing Optimus Prime finally pulling his trailer. And even cooler, the trailer transformed into his weapons platform! Well the only way to get the best version of the Optimus Prime toy with his trailer intact is to hit Comic Con. Just come with some cash, as the Ultimate Optimus Prime will set you back quite a bit of money.

White Lantern Batman

One of the Wonder Con exclusives. They haven’t officially said that they will re-appear at Comic Con this year, but it’s very possible they will have some for sale; only with a San Diego Comic Con sticker on the card instead of Wonder Con. If being a White Lantern wasn’t cool enough, it’s one of the better Batman figures DC Direct has done.

White Lantern Flash

As with the Batman figure, there’s no guarantee this will reappear at Comic Con in San Diego, but it’s a strong possibility. As a Flash fan I’d obviously pick him over the White Lantern Batman, but due to the Zoom figure at the show; it’ll be a difficult choice for Flash fans.