The Deathly Hallows Epilogue IS in the Movie


There’s a Harry Potter rumor spreading like wildfire across the internet that’s causing Potter fans to want to leap from the top of Hogwarts in protest. It all started from a set visit posted at IGN that stated that the epilogue from the book, which is very much the series’ equivalent of the Grey Havens from The Lord of the Rings, would only appear as an extra on the DVD release. Naturally this is a cause for panic, as there are some fans who feel the movie isn’t complete without that scene and there are some who only want to see the movie for that epilogue. It’s that important to the whole thing.

Thankfully, IGN has updated their story to state that the epilogue did make the final cut:

UPDATE: It seems the initial reports were wrong and the epilogue did make the final cut. We’ll have our thoughts on the sequence when our review hits later in the week.

So fans can stand down and stop hyperventilating. The epilogue is in there and hopefully it will stay true to the version in the book.

Just about a week and a half to go!