Flashpoint #3 Review


After a failed attempt to regain his powers at the end of Flashpoint 2, Barry Allen is left with burns on over 75 percent of his body. When he comes to, he begins to realize that the altered time line is starting to affect his memory. Barry convinces Batman to help him get to the top of Wayne Manor to ride the lightening one more time. The second time was a charm and the fastest man alive was born again.

When Flashs’ accelerated healing does its job, he starts asking about Superman. In this reality Supes’ ship did not crash in out in the country, but in the middle of Metropolis. The crash was portrayed as a terrorist attack and the craft was seized by the government. Batman agrees to join Cyborgs army in return for Cyborgs help in finding the crashed ship. Cyborg leads Batman and Flash underground to a big chamber with the iconic S on the front. When the door opens up the man they see in no way resembles the Superman we know. Superman was skinny,pale, and looks like he had never seen another human being. The team fights off the government guard that were arriving about that time. When they made it outside and Superman saw the sun, he lifted off the ground and flew away, leaving the others to deal with more guards.

We are now halfway there on DCs’ summer must read Flashpoint. Once again Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert deliver big time. If you are not reading this one, you are missing out on some of DCs’ finest, and you will be completly lost in September when the reboot comes!