Jurassic Park Trilogy Hits Blu-Ray October 25th


By the end of the year we’ll have the Extended Lord of the Rings and the complete Star Wars Saga on Blu-Ray. What’s left? Besides the Indiana Jones Trilogy, which is due out in 2012 as part of Paramount’s 100th Anniversary, the Jurassic Park movies are some of the geek standards that have yet to hit high def. That’ll change in October when Universal released the entire trilogy in both a standard trilogy set as well as a Collector’s Edition that includes a cool T-Rex statue.

All of the special features from the previous DVD releases will carry over, in addition to a brand new six-part documentary titled Return to Jurassic Park. The six parts will be spread across the three movies, and it’ll run in total about two hours. The Production Archives section of the set promises deleted scenes, but it’s unknown if they will include the scenes deleted from the first to movies as Spielberg usually doesn’t allow those on his home video releases.