45 Minutes of Old Republic Bounty Hunter Gameplay


During E3 last week, EA was doing several live webcasts focusing on specific games. These were usually about forty-five minutes of gameplay narrated by someone involved with the game. For The Old Republic, Daniel Erickson showed off roughly forty-five minutes of Bounty Hunter gameplay on Tatooine.

In the demo you get to see a lot of Tatooine, but the coolest thing is the Companion character he’s currently using for his character. It’s a Jawa named Blizz. You get a super awesome Jawa as a Companion character if you play as a Bounty Hunter! And as the video shows, Blizz can kick some major ass as he completely wipes out some mobs on his own. I think I know what class I’ll be playing when the game comes out later this year.

The entire live stream has been captured on Youtube and split into the three videos below: