The 10 Strangest Green Lanterns


With 3600 sectors of space and a Green Lantern to oversee each one; that’s a lot of characters. Naturally when there are so many, and it’s set in space, there’s really no limit to the type of creature someone can come up with. Over the decades, the Green Lantern Corps has expanded to include some pretty bizarre characters. With the movie coming out next week you may even spot some of these if you look very closely in the background.

Leezle Pon


By far one of the strangest member of the Green Lantern Corps is Leezle Pon. This guy is a super intelligent smallpox virus. That’s right, he’s a virus. And he even infected Guy Gardener during the Sinestro Corps War. Of all the Lanterns in the universe, you can’t get any more unusual than a virus.


Mogo is a planet. That’s right, he’s a planet that just happens to be a Green Lantern. He’s a pretty popular Lantern actually, and shows up quite often in the comics. Mogo also guides the rings of fallen Lanterns to new owners, so he serves a purpose to the Corps other and just being a planet.

Dkrtzy RRR

Think a smallpox virus as a Lantern was out there? How about a sentient mathematical equation that can enter the minds of others and wipe them? If you’re wondering what kind of whacked-out mind could come up with such a character, Dkrtzy RRR was created by Alan Moore.


He looks like a mushroom, is named after a type of mushroom, I guess he is a mushroom. If you look closely in some of the Green Lantern trailers, there’s actually a character in the large group of Lanterns who looks like a little mushroom, so it’s possible that’s Amanita.


Not to be confused with Apros, who is in the GL movie, Olapet is a plant-based Lantern that basically regenerates itself and passes its ring to its “daughter”. There have been more than twenty Olapets, which means this strange looking Lantern is basically immortal.


While not quite as “out there” as a smallpox virus, planet, or mathematical equation; Gpaak is pretty strange. He’s a liquid-based life form that Guy Gardner at one time rescued. His being made out of liquid comes in handy as he’s one of the best escape artists in the DC Universe.


Aside from his looks, not much is known about Charqwep besides his origin and some of his exploits in the battles against the Anti-Green Lanterns. As a result of his fighting in those conflicts, he has a bit of brain damage and can’t control his constructs too well.

Lin Canar

A Lantern from an aquatic world; Lin Canar is one of the more bizarre looking members. His ability was really just super strength, but he lost that after an encounter with another Lantern from his own planet who he inherited his ring from.

The Collective

This one is almost too hard to believe, even for a comic book. The Collective is made up of billions of floating puffballs that take up almost the entirety of sector 1287.


While he hasn’t been seen of a while due to fleeing to seclusion, Zghithii is a Silkworm. When he’s not defending sector 3599 he’s spinning some of the greatest tapestries in the galaxy.