Nintendo\’s Wii U


Nintendo has a rocky history with their E3 press conferences. They have had highs, such as the reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and real lows such as the unbelievably laughable Pac Man display for the GameCube a few years ago. Today’s Nintendo conference left some people disappointed, as while the new console was announced, not much information was revealed aside from the controller.

The new Nintendo console is titled the “Wii U” and all Nintendo revealed was that its controller would have a 6.2″ touch screen that is able to display the game that the console is currently playing. The screen can also be used as a touch pad or interact with the games in different ways.

A tech demo was shown that was meant to show off the system’s new HD graphics, but it honestly wasn’t quite up to par with the Xbox 360 or PS3. Demos being shown on the show floor in Nintendo’s booth back this up, with most people commenting that while it’s much better than the current Wii; the system doesn’t quite match up with the other two HD consoles currently on the market.

Nintendo has said that this year’s E3 is all about the controller, and more information about the Wii U console itself will have to wait until next year’s show.