David Twohy Talks Riddick Progress


David Twohy is one of my favorite minds in science fiction. His movies, while never huge blockbusters, usually always a good scifi story. His 1992 movie Timescape, where temporal tourists travel to our time to witness a disaster, is one of my favorite science fiction movies ever. And we all love Riddick.

We’ve been hearing the issues that the new Riddick has been having just to get off the ground in the current movie-making economy. Universal’s reluctance to finance any R-rated genre film is the ire of many fans right now. Well, now David Twohy has updated his blog with his take on the current progress of the new Riddick:


The hurdles seem to be dropping. The final turn is being rounded. The finish line (actually a starting line) seems closer than ever.

Of course, there are no guarantees in this mad endeavor called “filmmaking,” a pursuit that is a pricey shotgun marriage between business and art. But we’ve reached a critical mass of enthusiasm and resource needed to launch a movie. If we go now, we can make it now. If we don’t, we may never. And trust me, we’re all keenly aware of that.

Yeah, I had some good face-time with Vin in NYC. We talked at length about where we go from here – about how to travel to all the places in the RIDDICK universe that needed travelling to – and we think we know have the Master Map. We’ll keep it tucked tightly in our breast pocket for now, but it’s enough to say that, if we can pull it all off, you’ll have spent a good 15 years with us.

But Vin will be the driving force behind this next movie; I’m merely the writer-director. Am I being facetious? Kinda. But kinda not, too: It’s Vin and the concessions he chooses to make that will allow this movie to go forward. And his love of the character, of course. So if you, too, have a soft spot for this hardened criminal, you might want to weigh in over at that giant-ass Facebook page he’s got. Me? I’m still part of the Facebook Resistance.

I do get your emails of encouragement from seemingly all corners of the world. (Last week, Lithuania was heard from. I had to use Google Maps.) I can’t always respond, but I do read just about everything that comes in. And I’m always quietly startled by the reach my films have – by how raw imagination alloyed with damn hard work can result in a product that travels the globe and excites the phosphors of so many screens as it excites the imaginations of so many who watch.

Above is a piece of art I did for Vin to help him see some of the visuals I carry around in my head night and day. Titled “Fifth Horseman,” it’s a tableau from the next movie.