Fear Itself #3 Review


Marvel’s 2011 crossover, Fear Itself, started off so promising with its first two issues. With issue three, it’s obvious that Marvel is back to its same old, current movie-conforming, ways. If you’re unfamiliar with this, Marvel tends to make big changes to their books so they more closely match whatever movie is in theaters that summer. For example, they gave the comic Spidey organic webshooters, and just in time for Spider-Man 3 they put him “Back in Black”. Fear Itself is turning out to be almost more offensive.

Did you see Thor this summer? Did you just love that father/son tension when Odin banished Thor to Earth? Good because he does it again in Fear Itself. It’s like Marvel is now making their story decisions to placate solely the people who just saw their latest blockbuster in theaters by recreating what they saw in the pages of the newest comic issues.

But they’re not just looking back at Thor, Captain America comes out in about a month. For the longest time, Bucky the Winter Soldier has been Cap in the Marvel Universe and Steve Rogers has just been himself; the Super Soldier. With the Cap movie coming up they had to figure out a way to get Rogers back as Cap so people who go see the movie and then pick up the comic have a familiar experience waiting for them. But the way they look to be doing this will just alienate comic fans by potentially killing off an extremely popular character.

Big things are still happening in Fear Itself, but Marvel’s conforming to its movies is starting to overshadow the event that the crossover is trying to show off.