Star Tours 2 Full Ride Video


This morning while Star Tours: The Adventures Continue was having it’s grand re-opening in Florida with George Lucas, Disneyland in Anaheim allowed 1200 people and one guest to ride the new Starspeeder 1000 before the June 3rd opening. The parking lots opened at 3:00am for the people selected for the special event, and the majority of the line was actually put through the ride nearly an hour before the park opened for the general public. Naturally people had cameras and videos are starting to come out.

In the video below you can see the entire queue and ride video. This video shows the Vader introduction, Hoth, the Ackbar hologram, and the Naboo ending. When I rode it, I got a very different ride. I also had the Vader intro, but the ride then went to Tatooine for the pod race, the hologram was from Princess Leia, then the speeder was pursued through the Geonosis asteroid belt and Death Star 1 (under construction), and the ending was in the Rebel fleet. So basically every time you ride the new Star Tours, you’ll get something different.