C-3PO Raps in This 1986 Star Tours Promo


What’s more embarrassing than the Star Wars Holiday Special? C-3PO rapping in this 1986 promo for Star Tours that aired on ABC. Thankfully, Threepio’s rap is only at the beginning, and then things are turned over to Buck Rogers himself who guides a young Ernie Reyes Jr. through the original Star Tours queue. There’s some footage of the original ride film, and there’s even an interview with George Lucas with some behind the scenes footage of the ride being created.

Star Tours was the second of three collaborations between Lucas and Disney. The first was the 3D movie Captain EO, which returned to the parks after Michael Jackson died, and the third were the various Indiana Jones attractions (a ride at Disneyland, stunt show at Disney World, and a rollercoaster at Disneyland Paris). Star Tours is the first of those to see a massive change since it opened back in January of 1987.