Smallville Ends Tonight


After ten years, the longest-running superhero series in history comes to a close tonight at 8:00pm on the CW. They’ve been keeping the finale pretty close to their chest and there are still questions that will only be answered when it airs, but some things have leaked out. The beginning may possibly be a flash-forward in time, which is supported by a bit in the Space promo (below) that appears to be Chloe reading her son a Smallville comic book. They haven’t said if Darkseid is actually seen in the episode, but his planet definitely is. There is said to be a Lois in peril scene that mimics one of the movies, and there has been word the the John Williams theme makes an appearance at the end.

Here’s a poor quality trailer for the episode that aired on Canada’s Space channel. It’s filmed off-screen, but it’s still cooler than anything the CW has shown in the US so far: