Star Trader Re-Opens


The shop with exclusive Star Wars merchandise has finally re-opened in Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. What’s new? Not much just yet. The biggest change is some new theming over the main shop entrance, and they’ve also restored the old X-Wing that used to hang over the store when it first opened in the 80s. A few years ago, the X-Wing was move to hang over the Starcade Arcade, but now it’s back in the Star Trader where it belongs.

In regards to the new Star Tours merchandise two T-Shirt designs (one male and one female) and some shot glasses are on sale right now, but the cool exclusives such as the Opening Day shirt and the new figures and Starspeeder toys aren’t yet on the shelf. Those will most likely appear later in the month as the ride gets closer to its opening day and Annual Passholder previews.