5 Reasons to See Thor This Weekend


The second to last Marvel movie before The Avengers hits theaters this weekend, and if you skip out on it you’ll be missing not only one of the best movies of the summer; but one of the best superhero movies ever made. There are a lot of great reasons to see the movie, aside from it being completely awesome, but here are just five that will leave any comic book fan giddy in their seats for all two hours.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Much like Christopher Reeve becoming the definitive Superman that all others will be compared to until the end of time; Hemsworth completely embodies Thor on screen. From the young and arrogant Thor we meet in the beginning to the absolutely perfect heroic Thor that ends the film, it’s impossible to ever imagine anyone playing the Odinson as well as he did. And when Thor declares his “allegiance” to the good side, it’s hard not to cheer.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

And as perfect as Hemsworth’s Thor is; Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is just as good. Throughout the entire movie, every single time we see Loki you can tell he’s thinking a 100 steps ahead of everyone else and plotting his trickster schemes. And iconic Marvel villain has been brought to the screen perfectly, and we can’t wait for him to put the whole world in danger and have The Avengers have to save the day next summer.

The Warriors Three

I never thought we’d ever see a great Thor movie, let alone one that incorporated Thor’s drinking and fighting buddies The Warriors Three, but this one does! And his buddies aren’t left in Asgard to rot. The three (along with Sif) make their way to Midgard right when Thor needs them most. While it’s doubtful we’ll see them in Avengers, just the thought of getting two more Thor sequels where Thor can adventure with his pals brings a tear to these fanboy eyes.


The trailers and TV spots for Thor are a bit deceptive as they would make you believe that most of the movie takes place on Earth. That’s not true at all. In fact, a little more than half of the movie focuses on Asgard and we get to see a lot of it. From the great hall, to the vaults where some recognizable relics are seen, to the famous Rainbow Bridge and Heimdall’s Observatory; it’s all there. This is absolutely a “Thor” movie, and not just a “Thor goofs around on Earth” movie.

The Soundtrack

Patrick Doyle is very much Kenneth Branagh’s own John Williams. The two are nearly an inseparable pair, and Doyle has delivered an epic Thor soundtrack with this movie with what is by far the most memorable theme for any Marvel hero yet. It’ll be hard for Captain America and The Avengers to live up to the score here. It’s that amazing.