New Blu-Ray Tuesday 5/3/11


While last week was pretty devoid of new Blu-Ray discs, this week has some good things. The Green Hornet movie is out, as is the third season of the superior UK version of Being Human.

The Green Hornet

Being a hard core Bruce Lee fan, I actually didn’t see the movie remake of The Green Hornet. Along with the 60’s Batman series; the original Green Hornet series is one I’d kill for an official DVD release of.

Being Human Series 3

The SyFy Channel may have remade this series in the US, but as usual the UK original is the superior version. The third series just recently aired on BBC America, so we’re getting it on Blu-Ray pretty quickly. Seasons 1 and 2 are also available on Blu-Ray if you like the series.

Warning about the Miramax Horror releases this week.

This week From Dusk to Dawn and Halloween H20 are released on Blu-Ray. DO NOT PURCHASE THESE DISCS. In addition to barely looking better than the DVD releases, they only feature 2.0 stereo sound. Wait for better releases sometime in the future.