Peter Jackson\’s First Hobbit Production Diary


Late last night, Peter Jackson updated his Facebook with the first of what will likely be many production diaries from the set of The Hobbit. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, it’s OK to get a little emotional watching this ten minute video from New Zealand. Jackson got the band back together. Throughout the video you’ll see familiar faces from the LOTR films, including artists Alan Lee and John Howe and Gandalf himself.

Jackson gives brief tours of the rebuilt Bag End set (rebuilt as the original is now in his backyard!), the re-created set for Eldrond’s chambers, and the first set they used in filming; the goblin caves under the Misty Mountains where Bilbo finds something. There’s also a visit to the wardrobe department where we see one of the Dwarves in full costume (from behind), and a clip from a brief rehearsal in Bag End with all thirteen Dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf. At the end of the video is a short clip of the first day of shooting where if you look closely at the monitor you can see Bilbo picking up the ring. The video ends with a line of dialog from Bilbo.

You can view the whole thing in HD on Jackson’s Facebook page, or in standard def via the embed below: