Nintendo to Reveal New HD Console at E3


How’s this for a bombshell? Game Informer and IGN are both confirming that Nintendo intends to unveil a new console at E3 this year. The news has been trickling in a lot over the last few hours, but here is the most recent information IGN as able to gleam from their sources:

  • It will at least be equal in power to the PS3 if not significantly more powerful.
  • The system will run in HD resolutions up to 1080p.
  • It will be backwardly compatible with all Wii software.
  • Nintendo is already showing the console to publishers to garner interest for a 2012 launch.
  • Nintendo is expected to make some kind of pre-E3 announcement regarding the system.

It isn’t known yet if it will carry the Wii name or not, but some of the news is saying that it won’t as Nintendo intends to launch a new brand with the console to recapture the hardcore gamer market.