Marvel\’s Fear Itself #1 Review


Massive comic crossovers are expected. It’s now a summer tradition. Usually beginning in the late Spring, both Marvel and DC set up large universe-spanning crossovers that then set the stage for all the stories told for the remaining year. Sometimes Marvel has the better one, such as Civil War, and other times DC shines such as with Blackest Night. This year Marvel’s big event is titled Fear Itself, while DC is doing Flashpoint. Marvel’s has hit first, and so far it’s pretty good.

The basic story behind Fear Itself involves the Red Skull’s daughter Sin finding the hammer of Skadi and awakening an ancient Asgardian god of fear. So it does focus on the two big Marvel movie characters this summer; Thor and Captain America.

In the first issue as Sin becoming Skadi and awakening her “father”, Tony Stark commits to rebuilding Asgard on Earth. If you’re familiar with Tony and Thor’s recent history in the comics, this is a big turn on Tony’s part to get back on the Odinson’s good side. But while this is happening, Odin realizes that the Bantha poodoo is about it hit the fan and decides to return himself and his people to Asgard.

Thor doesn’t want to leave, so his daddy has to smack him down and drag him back to Asgard in chains. With the gods gone, Earth’s heroes have to face the coming battles alone and Steve Rogers makes that very clear; setting up the tone for what is looking to be an epic crossover this summer.