The Odinson in Raiders


The Thor movie comes out next month and to celebrate the first real big screen version of the Odinson outside of Adventures in Babysitting, Marvel is doing special “Thor Goes Hollywood” covers for their books all month. Above you can see the variant cover for Journey Into Mystery #622, which hits stores this week. To mark the Thor’s book return to the original title, the story brings back Loki and will prime people for the movie, as well as recapping them on the recent happenings of Thor.

Other movie-inspired Thor covers revealed so far include Jaws for Heroes for Hire #5, The Terminator for Wolverine: The Best There Is #5, Frankenstein for Uncanny X-Force #7, The Usual Suspects in Uncanny X-Men #535, Planet of the Apes with X-Men Legacy #247, Aliens in Amazing Spider-Man #658, The Graduate for New Avengers #11, and Forest Gump in Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #517.