The Old Republic Highlights From PAX East


BioWare has released a short video showing off some of the highlights from the PAX East 2011 Old Republic booth. You see a bit of the space combat stage demo, and then interviews with show goers about the playable demo; which most waited up to six hours in line to play.

This video brings up a point that I, and others, have always noticed at game shows such as PAX or E3. Most of the time there’s at least one game or demo that has a long line to check out. And yes, sometimes it can be a six hour wait to see or play it. Zelda or Mario at the E3 Nintendo booth is always an example of this. Why waste your entire day at the show in line for one thing? The game will be out later in the year, so why not make the most of your time at the show and take in as much as you can instead of spending an entire day of the show in line for a five minute playable demo?