Clone Wars News from WonderCon


This weekend in San Francisco the annual WonderCon invaded the city. WonderCon is pretty much a smaller Northern California version of the epic San Diego Comic Con, and the same sort of awesomeness happens there. The Clone Wars panel revealed some cool things about the show and Season 4, and liveblogged the panel via their Twitter feed. Here are some of the highlights:

-George is now coming up with the ideas for the episodes. It’s not specified if this has been happening for a while, but people believe it started sometime in Season 3.

-The series is produced as if it is going to show on the big screen, which explains the aspect ratio on the Blu-Rays. They mentioned that it is hard to watch it on TV once you know how much is cropped out.

-There is a classic trilogy character in the Season 4 trailer. Most likely is Ackbar!

-They believe Lucas is aiming for 100 episodes of the series.

Season 4 of Clone Wars will probably start this fall.