New Blu-Ray Tuesday – 3/29/11


Long ago, I once ran a DVD site. And if there’s one thing us geeks do every week it’s check what movies hit DVD (and now Blu-Ray) on each Tuesday. To help you find out the best discs each week, we’ll be posting the new releases complete with links to grab a copy off Amazon if you’re like me and prefer to only walk to your mailbox for your new movies.

This week is a smaller week with some cool animation, but it’s nothing compared to Tron week that’s only seven days away.


Disney’s 50th animated feature film really is the start of a new renaissance just like The Little Mermaid did in the late 80s. It’s a return to fairy tale musical storytelling, and it looks amazing visually. The lantern scene alone is almost worth upgrading to a 3D TV and 3D Blu-Ray player for; it’s that impressive.

Black Swan

The movie that won Padme an Oscar hits disc this week. Despite it really being a modern interpretation of a classic Twilight Zone episode, people seem to love seeing a ballerina go all nuts.

Evangelion 2.22

If you’re an anime fan, here’s your purchase for the week. This is the second installment of the theatrical retelling of the Evangelion series. The first part has been out for a while, and this one covers episodes 7-19. It’s not a complete remake though, there are some massive continuity changes sprinkled throughout to give fans a brand new experience with Eva.

The Ten Commandments

It just wouldn’t be Easter without Cecil B. Demille’s Ten Commandments, and for it’s 55th Anniversary it’s been fully restored on Blu-Ray. The two disc Blu-Ray set includes new special features in HD along with a new HD transfer, and it’s also available in a deluxe boxed set that’s all the rage when putting out classic films in HD these days.

The Secret of Nimh

After Don Bluth left Disney, he produced one of the best animated films of the 80s and one that was light years beyond anything Disney was doing at the time and it still looks amazing.

The Scream Trilogy

Just in time for Scream 4, the original trilogy hits Blu-Ray this week. Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 3 are awesome parodies of the slasher genre, and Scream 4 looks to mock the “torture porn” horror movies of the last decade. The Blu-Rays look to be just replacements for the old DVDs with no real new features.

Soylent Green

It’s people!

Teen Wolf

Sure it’s goofy, but it’s also a classic!

There are some other releases this week, such as re-releases of Xena and Hercules on DVD and Don Bluth’s All Dogs Go to Heaven on Blu-Ray. Next week brings TRON!