Hawkeye Confirmed in Thor


About a month or two ago, the script for Thor leaked online and before it was yanked by Paramount’s lawyers; a lot of information hit the net. One thing was an appearance by a Doctor Pym (Ant Man!), and another was Hawkeye of the Avengers. Well the convention formerly known as ShoWest recently took place, and CinemaBlend saw the footage of Thor that was presented there:

The scene features Hawkeye using his famous bow and arrow and he has multiple lines, so while we’re talking about something a little more than a momentary cameo, there’s no way to know if his involvement will go any further than that one scene.

So at least one other Avenger will be appearing in Thor, and he has a bit more than a cameo. As awesome as Captain America is looking, the word about Thor keeps staying extremely positive. We’ll see in a month how it turned out.