What Disney\’s 3D Pirates 4 Preview Shows You


This weekend, Disney began showing a 3D preview for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA similar to how they did a 3D Tron: Legacy preview at DCA (which is still there, by the way). The Pirates preview is held outdoors in the old Festival area all the way in the back of Frontierland, and you sit on the concrete instead of theater seats. This allows them to get more people into each showing, and the wait (after the first night) really wasn’t that long.

The preview lasts less than 10 minutes and is one full scene from the movie with Jack trying to spark a mutiny against Blackbeard. So it’s just a fight on a pirate ship, but in 3D. The scene ends with Blackbeard showing up and commanding the ship to hang the mutineers, which is shown a bit in the last trailer. Following that the original 3D trailer plays. It looks really good, and the 3D is great as it was actually filmed in 3D and not post-converted. Naturally the crowd loved it, which means you can probably expect huge lines at the end of May when it comes out.