5 Sci-Fi Movies that Need Sequels


In these days when almost any movie can get a sequel just for getting a few butts in a theater seat (three Step Ups, really?), it baffles the mind how some great science fiction movies haven’t seen a sequel yet. There were some seriously awesome movies that could turn into great franchises, if just given the chance with another movie. Below are five that we would kill to see receive a sequel or sequels.

The Rocketeer

Joe Johnston’s 1991 adaptation of the late Dave Steven’s comic character isn’t just the best movie Johnston has ever made, but it’s really what people look at to know that he is the right guy to pull off a Captain America movie. Unfortunately the movie was released in a busy part of 1991 and came out right alongside a huge blockbuster, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and as such didn’t make enough money to deserve a sequel. In a time when comic book movies are all the rage, maybe The Rocketeer could be revisited to better success.

Tron: Legacy

While the Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray will include something of a teaser for Tron 3, Disney has not yet officially committed to a sequel. In fact, at the 2011 Shareholder’s Meeting in Utah recently Bob Iger was pretty blunt when a shareholder asked when the sequel would be greenlit, saying “I don’t know.” Tron: Legacy was a sequel to the original, but it really felt more like a start of a new trilogy. Two more movies would be awesome. More Daft Punk and Quorra please.

Independence Day

This one has been on and off for more than a decade now, and it’s about time it finally gets a sequel. Not long after the first one was a huge blockbuster, sequel talk was strong only to die off after 9/11. More recently there have been rumors of not one, but two, sequels to make the alien invasion franchise a trilogy. Will Smith as president, anyone?


Cloverfield was easily the best “Godzilla” movie following Godzilla: Final Wars. We don’t speak of that 1998 American disaster. It also showed the monster, quite a bit, which is something the recent Monsters didn’t do for 99% of the movie. The Blu-Ray of Cloverfield has a lot of cool extra stuff filling in the universe the movie takes place in, and it’d be seriously cool to revisit it as from the sound of things; New York really never recovered from the rampage.

The Original Trilogy

Imagine the Heir to the Empire trilogy done with modern day performance capture CG with the original cast providing their voices. Tell me you wouldn’t pitch a tent and camp a week in front of a theater to see that. Make it happen Lucas and all will be forgiven. People would immediately forget that the prequels ever happened or even existed.