World of Warcraft Coming to iPhone and iPad…Sort of


Gameloft, the video game equivalent of a Chinese knock-off company, has announced their latest blatant copy; Order and Chaos Online. After copying Halo, Diablo, StarCraft, Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted, and Call of Duty; Gameloft has set their sites on World of Warcraft by crafting a MMO for iOS that looks exactly like World of Warcraft.

No release date was mentioned, but usually when Gameloft releases a trailer of one of their games it’s already set to be submitted to Apple and should be out within a month or two. Also, since it’s a MMO don’t be surprised if a subscription is charged. After the iPad magazine apps arrived; Apple is allowing makers of all types of apps to charge subscriptions, so this may be the first subscription game on the iPhone and iPad. You can check out the trailer below: