Daredevil Returns


The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog is reporting that David Slade is in talks to direct a sequel to 2003’s Daredevil, although without Ben Affleck as the guardian devil. The site says the movie will be based on Frank Miller’s “Born Again” storyline, which is exactly what the sequel was always intended to be. Back in 2003, Mark Steven Johnson gave an interview with UGO where he says they talked about doing “Born Again” as the sequel:

UGO: Do you think the Born Again storyline would be a good sequel?

MSJ: I think that would be awesome. That’s something we’ve talked about. At some point, it would also be great to do Kevin Smith’s Guardian Devil storyline.

It’s a shame that Affleck isn’t involved as he actually made a good Matt Murdock. And the 45-minute longer Director’s Cut of the original Daredevil was a really good Daredevil movie on its own. This new movie won’t be a reboot, and will follow the events in the original.