BioWare Reviews Dragon Age II on Metacritic, Gives it a \”10\”


Last week, BioWare’s Dragon Age II was released for consoles and PCs. While the original game was a spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate series and, on the PC at least, was a really great RPG; the sequel has been blasted for catering too much to the consoles and being rushed. Specifically, the game cuts and pastes entire areas, and the game’s composer has gone on record to say that EA rushed the game out the door. So you could imagine that the reviews haven’t exactly been too great.

So when a user review of “10” popped up on Metacritic (which has about 500 negative reviews), a NeoGAF poster did a little research. It turns out the person who posted that review has only rated three games on the site; all three versions of Dragon Age II. By digging some more, the poster discovered that the guy who posted the review actually works for BioWare.

With EA rushing Dragon Age II out the door to make some quick cash, and BioWare employees trying to inflate the review scores; it actually puts a black cloud over BioWare’s other 2011 releases Mass Effect 3 and The Old Republic.

Update: Posters on NeoGAF have done more digging and found more EA employees and viral marketers giving the game 10s on Metacritic. One of them even gave EA’s big FPS competitor Call of Duty: Black Ops a 4.