No Day/Night Cycle in The Old Republic


With PAX East going on this weekend, there’s lots of news creeping out about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Unfortunately not all of it is good. Take this bit for example.

During a Q&A session at the show, BioWare was asked how the day/night cycle works in the game. Their answer was that there isn’t one. Their excuse was in order to create unique-looking worlds they needed static lighting with the sun in a fixed position. And honestly, that’s just an excuse for having bad artists because if your art department can’t create unique-looking zones without static lighting; they have failed to do what every single MMO proceeding them has done for the last decade.

Every MMO has a day/night cycle. It’s part of creating immersion and persistent world. Some don’t do night too well (WoW), while others such as Lord of the Rings Online do it amazingly. In LOTRO nighttime is incredible with buildings lighting up in towns so you can see them in the distance and an amazing night skybox appearing overhead. Even Star Wars Galaxies had a day/night cycle on every planet; and no one ever had a problem telling what world they were on.

And the worst part about this? No Binary Sunset on Tatooine. Ever.