Tron: The Next Day (The Tron 3 Teaser)


Back in January, a report surfaced on AICN about the filming of some Tron footage back in November that would be included as an extra on the Tron: Legacy BluRay that hits stores on April 5th. Despite some people claiming such footage doesn’t exist and will not appear on the BluRay release; it does and has hit the internet.

The ten minute short recaps the disappearance of Kevin Flynn and shows what happened to Encom in the years since he went missing. When the timeline gets to 2009, Daft Punks awesome Tron: Legacy score kicks in and we finally see more of Sam Flynn’s pranks against Encom before “The Next Day” really kicks in. The end of the short reveals that RAM (from the original Tron) was the one running the whole “Flynn Lives” campaign with the help of Alan (who Flynn started calling Tron). The final scene is Sam appearing for his first board meeting, and his only word for the press is to reveal that he’s wearing a “Flynn Lives” T-Shirt.

You can check out the video below. If by any chance it’s pulled from Youtube, we’ve included a couple additional shots from the footage below; notably of RAM and Alan.