There\’s a Cthulhu in my MMO


For quite a while FunCom, makers of Anarchy Online and Age of Conan, have been working on a secret horror-themed MMO title The Secret World. While we previously didn’t know much about it, we did know it was strongly inspired by Lovecraft (as the concept art showed) and it would be set in modern day. With GDC taking place in San Francisco last week, EA (the game’s publisher) and FunCom finally blew the lid off the game by releasing the first real trailer.

The video below is done in the same style as most recent MMO trailers, and really reminds one of the Guild Wars 2 trailer where the developers talk dreamingly about how amazing their game will be. This initial trailer is just an introduction to The Secret World, and spends some time hyping up the character progression which sounds like it’ll be skill-based (like UO or old school SWG) as opposed to level-based.

It’s definitely looking good so far. But you’ll forgive us for being a bit cautious based on FunCom’s past MMO track record.