RIFT Launches…and adds 31 More Servers


After kicking off their headstart for pre-orders (and their 1 million accounts) last Thursday, Trion’s RIFT officially launches to the masses today. And to prepare for those masses, Trion has brought online 31 more servers. The US received 18 and the EU has 12 and they’re a mix of PVP and PVE with no new RP servers to help out the queues on Faeblight and Sunrest. It seems as if they were needed as right when the new US servers became unlocked and people could create characters on them their population went between Medium and Full.

Back during the headstart on Thursday, Trion did a world broadcast saying that the rate at which people were signing up for the game shot right past anything they saw in beta. If you played the beta, you’d remember that it was incredibly popular with beta keys being a hot commodity during the closed tests. It seems as if RIFT’s timing was perfect in that people were ready for a new MMO that released polished with plenty of content that was fun to play. WoW released around the fifth anniversary of EverQuest, and now RIFT is coming along right after the sixth anniversary of WoW; so six years may be the mass burnout date for most MMOs.

No matter how you look at it, there’s no doubt that RIFT is a massive success.