Marvel Dubs MMXI the \”Year of X-Men\”


After going through some confusing years, the X-Men books are finally beginning to get really good. The recently-released Uncanny X-Force is actually one of the best monthly comics by any publisher, and Marvel isn’t going to let that go unnoticed. This week, Marvel announced a large promotion/crossover for 2011, which they are calling “MMXI – The Year of X-Men”.

While full details are known outside a few teasers, we do know that it’ll affect all of the “mutant” books from the X-titles to others such as New Mutants. One thing that we do know for sure is that Uncanny X-Force #11 will feature an Age of Apocalypse crossover when it hits stands this June.

Personally, it’s great that Marvel is doing this as the X-Men books have had a bad reputation; especially after what Grant Morrison did to the franchise. But recently things have gotten a lot better. Second Coming was actually a really good storyline with some shocking things done by characters you wouldn’t expect. And as was mentioned above, Uncanny X-Force is by far one of the best books you can buy every month. This “Year of X-Men” promotion may be just the thing to get the series back to where it hasn’t really been since the early 90s.