Marvel Ends the Fantastic Four


If you’re a comic reader, today marks the end of a book that would have celebrated its 50th Anniversary this coming November. No matter how you look at it, ending a series that has lasted that long is sad. Today Marvel releases Fantastic Four #588, which is the final issue of the first comic book Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created.

The issue directly follows the death of Johnny Storm and serves of a sort of wrap up for that story in addition to ending the series. Marvel will then re-launch Reed, Sue, and Ben in a new book titled “FF” which will add Spider-Man to the team and they’ll have new costumes that look sort of like Tron-meets-Apple-Store. While I like Spidey as much as the next guy, Marvel is in real danger of making him the new Wolverine joke where he shows up in every single book imaginable.

It’s just a shame that Marvel couldn’t wait until after November to end the book as fifty years is quite a run to celebrate.