Disneyland\’s Star Tours II Still Without an Open Date


While Florida’s Star Tours II will open on May 20th to coincide with the start of this year’s Star Wars Weekends, the Disneyland version of the ride still doesn’t have an official open date. Al Lutz of Miceage has posted one of his eagerly awaited park updates, and due to all of the things happening in Anaheim in May (Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Red Carpet, Grad Night, AIDS Walk, and Little Mermaid at DCA); Disney has yet to set a concrete date for an official opening of Star Tours II there. He mentions that it’s very possible for the Disneyland version of the ride to see soft openings before Florida’s, but it’s also possible that the open date will be pushed to June.

But, despite the opening date being up in the air; Anaheim is getting the superior version of the ride. Apparently Orlando didn’t want to pay for all of the queue and ride system upgrades that Disneyland is getting. So if you want to ride the definitive version of Star Tours II, you’d best book your vacation on the West Coast this summer.