5 Memorable Games on the Virtual Console


If there’s one thing that always strikes me as soon as I enter the Wii Shopping Channel it’s “Bloody hell that’s a lot of games!”  If I had piles of disposable income lying around (and if the Wii had a bigger memory capacity that could be measured in some other form than blocks. I mean blocks? Really? LEGO blocks don’t help I’ll bet, but I’ll save my rantings for another time…) I’d probably have every channel filled up with a game.  I imagine this might be a similar case for many others out there so I’ve taken the liberty of creating a little list (emphasis on the little) of some great games available on the Virtual Console that are always worth a replay! Ahhh nostalgia…

I will have to make a quick disclaimer, as a new contributor to the site, and that’s the fact that I’m English.  Megaman never seemed to be able to quite make it to our little island, and I won’t really be able to comment on the series (But fear not, I fully intend to educate myself).  Of course you’re entirely free to comment with your own favourite old game! I’ll leave the Megaman side of things to you!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

While not strictly a Nintendo game it at least deserves a mention since SEGA games are available on the Virtual Console, and the game that introduced Tails was such a fun one. The music, the 16-bit graphics, the speed, the Tails AI repeatedly dropping into water.

Super Mario World

When you talk about Nintendo you are always a hair’s breadth from talking about Mario.  You might ask why I choose this game over earlier games (although with Mario I’m tempted to say ‘versions’). And truth be told there’s no great reason apart from the fact it was the first Mario game I could wrestle away from my brother to play!  First games can be very memorable, and Super Mario World is definitely that.  And awesome.   On a sort of related note, watch this link to see a guy go through the most painful looking level ever.

Zombies Ate My Neighbor
(Renamed “Zombies!” in the UK)

This is a wildcard I’d like to throw in.  I’ll say I honestly have no idea how many people will have played this game but running around killing zombies is a theme that can appeal to almost everyone.  This I believe was the first zombie game I had ever played as a nipper (child) and may have been a spark for my love of stopping the reanimated in their slowly shuffling tracks in most other zombie games too!  And possibly my fear of babies. Seriously – there’s these giant babies in the game that will try to crush you.

Bomberman ’94

For another title that was first on SEGA platforms, who doesn’t love a bit of Bomberman?   Again not originally Nintendo but it’s just so damnedably good I couldn’t ignore it.  This addictive series had me at hello. The reason I choose this specific iteration of the bomb-wielding family is because of the addition of ROOI, the kangaroo-rabbit creatures which each provide a different power, such as kicking bombs. The core gameplay is near enough the same in every Bomberman game, which is pretty good when you’re out and about and can just whip out a DS for that version instead! There’s always that air of familiarity.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time

It’d be an impossible task to ignore such a seminal game.  The first Zelda game with 3D graphics received a perfect score in reviews from high profile sites such as GameSpot and IGN, and from my heart.  At the time I recall my mind being blown by the “amazing graphics” as I’m sure my former self has proclaimed the game to be, but also by the intense, and occasionally awkward (Princess Ruto anyone?), storyline.  Of course I’m sure I don’t need to explain the game to anyone. Everyone must have played this game at some point, right?