5 Plot Holes We Just Don\’t Discuss


Plot holes are inevitable.  To err is human, and as such, no work of fiction will ever be without plot holes.  Heck, there are plot holes in religious texts, so what makes us think a comic book or film about space travel will fair any better?  That said, there are a few that are glaring, with little to no explanation, and it seems we just accept them as they are.


It has long be said that Superman was the only survivor of the destruction of his planet, Krypton, and thus, the last living Kryptonian.  Unless, of course, D.C. Comics needs to add another.  And another.  And another.  And some aren’t even people, but animals.    It’s like the scientific community saying they found a Dodo bird.  And then when they stop getting invited on to the Today Show, saying they found another one, but this one’s evil.

I get that as long as they weren’t on the planet when it exploded that they would be alive, but it’s a bit forced.  Why do they have to go to Earth?  And after they’re revealed, why does it seem like that they only appear once or twice, and then are just forgotten about?  It seems like it would be a nice plot twist at first, but after a while it just seems gimicky.  I guess the same question I have about the Kennedy family applies to Kryptonians; just how many are there?

Kingdom Hearts; is Dark bad?

The entire first Kingdom Hearts has a very “A New Hope” vibe to it; a young boy obtains a sacred, ancient weapon and powers that few are said to wield, then fights the powers of darkness to restore peace to the galaxy.  And in a further Kenobi-Anakin-like twist, his best friend gives himself freely to the dark side, and becomes his mortal enemy.

However, later on down the road, we see Riku and some members of Organization XIII who, while wielding darkness, are actually pretty cool people.  They hang out and eat ice cream.  They joke around.  They watch the sunset, which is a little weird, but far from evil.  When they appear to Sora and the gang, there’s no commands to strike down Sora’s father, there’s no threats to join the Dark side, there’s no mass hate crimes committed against sand people.  So is the dark side actually bad?  Or just cooler looking?

Edward Cullen

For me, there’s three types of vampires; 1) demonic, where their powers and attributes are given to them from the beings of Hell; 2) undead, which are more or less like intelligent zombies, carrying a virus and feeding of life humans; 3) living vampires, which are like humans, but better.  I could go on for days about how much I hate what Stephanie Meyers did to vampires, how they have been striped of everyone we’ve come to know and love about them.  And of their shirts.  About how they shouldn’t look like David Bowie when sitting outside.  And about how the state of Washington does not look blue when you walk around it.

There is one thing that baffles me the most.  Ed is undead.  His heart does not beat, his skin is ice cold (just as his rocket scientist girlfriend points out), and blood does not circulate through his body.  And yet, he is somehow able to produce a child, despite the fact that he has what would be akin to erectile dysfunction.  Then again, he’s taken twelfth grade chemistry like a hundred years in a row; maybe he’s developed a new form of Viagra or something.

Princess Leia

This one was even discussed in the film “Fanboys“.  Luke and Leia are very close to each other.  She slips him some tongue in The Empire Strikes Back.  She is constantly wrapped around him when they’re running away from guys in armor.  Just how close did they get?  And regardless, she claims that she’s always known that they were siblings.  Always.  Just what do they teach kids on Alderaan, anyways?

Obi-Wan’s Exile

After the rise of the Empire, the remaining Jedi are forced into exile, with most choosing planets that are not inhabited by things that the Empire is interested in; i.e. very dangerous planets that the newer, stupider Stormtroopers can’t handle.

Obi-Wan takes a different approach.  He hides on a planet that is crawling with people from all over the galaxy, as well as a powerful mob and Boba Fett, who isn’t particularly fond of Jedi.  He at least has enough foresight to changed his name.  Well, actually…his first name.  He’s hiding under the alias “Ben Kenobi”.  I’ll let that sink in.  All the Empire needed to do was throw a phone book at a Stormtrooper, say “Give me the address of every Kenobi”, and they’d find him.  He’s even still wearing the same clothes from 18 years ago.  What, the Hutts don’t allow Macy’s on their planet?  And here Yoda thought he had to hide in a swamp.