Final Fantasy XIV – Six Months Later


So Final Fantasy XIV is quickly approaching it’s six month anniversary and we decided to check up on the worst MMO ever released to see if Square has managed to fix the game at all in half a year. Unfortunately, despite what die hard devotees to the game will try to tell you in message board posts, tweets, or comments; the game is still horribly broken.

To be fair, Square has done a couple rather large patches since the game was released. They also completely gutted the development team. Yet these changes haven’t helped the game in the slightest. Nearly every problem that was present at launch is still there, just either bandaged or disguised with no real attempt at actually fixing the problem. It’s all an elaborate smoke screen.

Firstly, despite some cosmetic changes made to the interface and moving some items around the main screen, the interface lag that nearly everyone with half a brain complained about is still there and just as bad as it ever was. Your decisions in the interface still take way too long to register and while in combat you see the results of the combat in the interface (damage, etc.) long before the game itself shows you it.

Next, the long-promised (and demanded) auction house still hasn’t been implemented and there’s no hint as it if it ever really will be outside vague statements. This is seriously killing the game. Most cities are ghost towns now with the only human interaction you’ll find are either Gil farmers or pathetic souls who can’t realize that they’re playing a horrible MMO and are unable to leave their parents basement to explain how they wasted their allowance. The result is this is the death of the game’s 100% player driven economy. With no players around, you aren’t going to be buying anything.

That means if you want to get new weapons or armor for your character you need to make them yourself. That’d be fine if crafting still wasn’t the most mind-numbingly annoying grind in any MMO ever. Anyone who actually puts themselves through the nightmare of leveling up a crafting profession should be committed in a mental facility for self mutilation.

There is no such thing as a second chance with MMOs. Once the game has shipped, if it doesn’t work and flops; people don’t return. It doesn’t matter how great the developers make it after a while, players simply don’t come back after being burned. Final Fantasy XIV is dying, and outside of completely re-launching the game with some kind of miraculous overhaul, it’ll be dead in time for its first anniversary.