Killzone 3 Open Beta begins (with a cool prize!)


Sony’s big FPS of the year, Killzone 3, has officially entered Open Beta; and to celebrate Sony is giving away something cool. Anyone who downloads and plays the beta from Friday through Sunday this weekend will be automatically entered to win one of sixty limited edition Helghast Editions of the game. Twenty people will be chosen each day, and all you need to do is login to the beta once a day to be entered for that day’s drawing. The beta is currently up on the EU and Australian PSN stores and should be up on the US one shortly.

The $150 Helghast Edition of the game comes with the game and extras in a Helghast helmet. The Limited Helghast Edition they’re giving away in the beta will not be sold in stores, but is the same as the regular one except the helmet has light up eyes. Only 1,000 of the Limited Edition were made.