Final Fantasy Versus XIII Direct Feed Trailer


If you’re a PS3 owner still upset that Final Fantasy XIII was no longer exclusive to your system, you can rest a little easier as its spinoff is exclusive and Square Enix has put out an impressive trailer showing it off. You can check out the HD trailer below, and while it starts out with CG, the majority of it is actual gameplay.

This one is being headed up by Tetsuya Nomura who has been a Final Fantasy fixture for years now and is well known for the Kingdom Hearts games. As you may be able to discern from the gameplay footage below, Versus XIII will actually play more like the Kingdom Hearts games than Final Fantasy XIII, only it’ll naturally lack the Disney license.

The unfortunate side of things is that no one really knows exactly when Final Fantasy Versus XIII will release. Nomura has recently said that it’s doubtful to release in 2011 and that there may be an update at E3 in May. In fact, chances are strong that we’ll be playing Final Fantasy XIII Part 2 before this one, but it still looks impressive.