10 Reasons Why You Should Play Mass Effect 1 & 2


BioWare’s science fiction epic Mass Effect isn’t only one of the best games you can possibly play but also one of the best realized scifi universes in a long time. The first game is available on the PC and Xbox 360, while the sequel is out for those plus the PS3. So no matter what platform you own (except the Wii, of course), here are ten reasons why you should get started with Mass Effect before the trilogy concludes later this year.

The Story

Set a couple hundred years in the future, Mass Effect tells the story of a human race launched into the affairs of the galaxy when artifacts are discovered that give them the ability for spaceflight beyond our solar system. The first game shows how unsure the rest of the galaxy is of humans, but by the second one Commander Shepard has proven humanities ability and things are going better. The whole epic story is told in a trilogy with the third part due out later this year.

Commander Shepard

In the game you can be a male or female Commander Shepard and mold him or her to be however you want to play the game as. You can make him a heroic Captain Kirk, a middle of the road Han Solo, or an outright evil pirate who kills whoever gets in his way.

Character Development

In the Mass Effect games, the characters grow and change and a character who was on your crew in the first game may show up in the second but be pretty different. Even within the second game itself, getting to know each member of your crew is important and actually pretty crucial when it comes down to assigning roles in the final mission.

Alien Love in an Elevator

Admit it, this is really why you want to play Mass Effect after some idiot went on Fox News and attacked the game for this even when the dumbass never even played it. This is obviously something that will continue in Mass Effect 3.

Choices that Matter

When playing the Mass Effect series, you need to be careful about your choices as they have lasting repercussions in the following games. Characters can die, entire races wiped out, and the political makeup of the galaxy can all be affected by your choices. It’s one of the reasons why the sequels are so great.


In the first Mass Effect, Wrex was the character that stole the show; and one pivotal decision surrounds him. Characters like him are what make the games so fun to play, and should he show up in your Mass Effect 2 play through; it’s a reunion you’ll be looking forward to.


Just as Wrex stole the show in the first game, Mordin did so in the second. The alien doctor with a shady past quickly becomes a valued member of your crew and is pretty crucial to use at one point in the final mission. And just wait until you hear him sing.

The Graphics

As you spend so much time talking to people in the Mass Effect games, the character graphics had better be pretty impressive. And they are. They improve even more so in the second game and you’ll actually want to watch the conversations all the way through just to see the impressive facial animations.

That Amazing Trailer

How anyone could watch this trailer and then not want to immediately fire up the game and follow Commander Shepard and his crew all the way to a suicide mission is hard to believe. Even a year later, and even after finishing the game a couple times, the trailer is still amazing.

Mass Effect 3

The best reason to play Mass Effect 1 and 2, besides all the reasons above, is to get you ready for the epic final chapter in the trilogy this November. Where Shepard had to work for the loyalty of his crew in the second game, the third game will have him gaining the allegiance of whole planets to fight to save Earth once and for all.