PSP2 to be Announced Tomorrow in Japan


Bright and early tomorrow morning in Japan (basically in the middle of the night here in the US), Sony plans on unveiling the PSP2 in an event in Japan. From comments from developers, it’s been known that they’ve had their hands on development kits for the new handheld well before they ever saw Nintendo’s 3DS; so it’s very possible that there will be plenty of games on display. In fact the man behind the popular Yokuza series on Sony platforms, Toshihiro Nagoshi, announced via his blog that he has something really big to do tomorrow morning; leading most to believe that he’ll be showing off a new Yokuza title for the PSP2.

As for specs, things are leaking out. It’s reported to have a 5″ OLED screen and run on a PowerVR GPU with a custom ARM CPU. The dev kits are said to have a gig of RAM, but as those always have twice the RAM of the target hardware; it’s expected that the system will have 512 system RAM with 128MB of VRAM. There will likely be 16GB of flash memory on the system like with the PSP Go along with a memory stick slot. Like the upcoming PlayStation Phone (pictured above); the system is expected to have two analog sticks.

In terms of the actual power of the system, one developer was overheard to say that they ported their PS3 game to the system and had it running at 60fps.

Expect a lot more tomorrow.